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Discounts not applying?
- Make sure that you are logged into your account.
- Sometimes it makes a difference if you do not login before you start shopping. Try clearing your cart, logging in, and re-adding your products.
- Are you a current MBG Member? Renew your Membership (After you complete your membership, you will be sent an email with a discount link that may be used until your automatic discounts are activated. For automatic discounts, create an account using the same email that you used for your membership. Please allow several days for automatic discounts to apply)
- If you are a current member, have a shop account, and still are not receiving automatic discounts, please email us.

Not sure if your member discount is being applied?
- Look at the very top of this page. 
- If there is a black bar with text, and you are not logged in, it will prompt you to. Don't have an account? Create an Account.
- If there is a black bar with text, and you are logged in as a Member, it will display the current offer ie. "All plants are 10% off storewide because you are a Member!".
- If there is no black bar then you are logged in to your account, but are not an MBG member. If you are a current member, please email us. We probably have a different email associated with your account then the one that you are currently logged in with.

Not sure if your order went through?
- Check your email. You should receive a confirmation email.
- Log into your account and check your order history.

Too many items in your cart?
- Go to your Cart (Upper right hand corner)
- Place your cursor over the quantity number next to a product (ie. 3x) and increase or decrease the quantity with the +/-. - To remove an item from your cart, click the x next to the price of the item.
- To continue shopping scroll down and select one of the menu items.

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