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Presentations by Buddy Lee and Dr. Juan Mata

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Saturday, August 17, 2019
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On August 17, 2019, MBG will welcome Buddy Lee, the inventor of the well known Encore® Azalea! We will also hear form University of South Alabama professor, Dr. Juan Mata, who will explore the unique and fascinating world of fungi.

About Buddy Lee
Robert “Buddy” Lee, the inventor of Encore® Azalea, the world’s best-selling reblooming azalea, has more than 30 years’ experience in nursery management, breeding, propagation, and new plant development.

He currently serves as Director of Plant Innovations for Plant Development Services, the introducers of Encore Azalea, the Southern Living® Plant Collection, and the new Sunset Western Garden Collection.

Buddy has also been active in numerous horticultural groups and presently is serving as board member of IPPS-SR (International Plant Propagators Society – Southern Region) and of the Louisiana Nursery and Landscape Association. He is past president of The Azalea Society of America.

About Dr. Juan Mata

Dr. Juan Luis Mata is an Associate Professor, and curator of the Fungarium, with the Biology Department of the University of South Alabama. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. His research background is mycology. Mata’s broad interests are with the taxonomy, systematics, evolution and ecology of mushrooms. Some of his research projects are focused on American shiitake and other wood and leaf-litter decomposing mushrooms from the US Gulf Coast region and Caribbean basin.  

 Mata was born in the U.S. and spent his childhood years in Guatemala. He attended high school in Costa Rica and stayed there for his B.S. and his M.S. degrees in Biology. His Master’s thesis focused on the taxonomy and ecology of Agaricales mushrooms in an oak forest on the slopes of Poás Volcano in Costa Rica. At the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Mata’s Ph.D. dissertation examined fungal taxonomy and systematics of the mushroom genera Lentinula, Gymnopus, and Rhodocollybia from the Talamanca Mountains of Costa Rica.  Mata uses traditional morphological studies, coupled with molecular and computational methods in his research. Such approach has led to publication of 15 peer reviewed articles and presented a great teaching opportunity for his students with whom he has over a dozen abstracts.


This event is part of the Marion Deane Drummond Lecture Series. Want to attend the entire series? Register for season tickets here!

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