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Morning Stretch Class

Morning Stretch Class

  • $ 12.00

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Join Elise Saunders for a relaxing stretch class held outside at our Magnolia Hill pavilion!

Classes offered Monday and Thursday mornings from 8am - 9am. 

Please note:

  • Masks are required at all times. Masks may be removed ONLY when on your mat.
  • Please bring your own mat and any props.
  • If possible, arrive dressed in your exercise clothes, as there is only one restroom at the building. 
  • A water fountain is available for refilling your water bottle.  
  • Temperature checks will be conducted at check-in and mats will be spaced at least 6ft apart.

When you get out of bed, or a chair, or have been in a prolonged sedentary, cramped position, your body is craving for PANDICULATION!  Sorry! That word is such fun to say! Pandiculation is a reflex from your body telling you to STRETCH. This mechanism allows for a yawn-stretch-yawn cycle, where your body is supplying you with oxygen and nutrients sent to deprived muscles and tissues with fresh oxygenated blood, instead of sludge. This in turn will allow of feeling of relief as well as a gentle lengthening and elasticity in the body over time. Try it, you will see what I mean. 

Regular stretching relaxes your mind and body as it aids in coordination. A freer and more fluid movement and an increased range of motion will allow you to reduce stress and breathe more deeply.

You will develop more body awareness and learn what needs to be nurtured. Somehow, with all this going on, your mind will be free to release it's control and chill! You should feel far better for it.

A normal class will begin with a loosening warm-up. There will be some reverberation standing and on the mat with a bit of Zenga thrown in. Your body will love it. Then we will stretch all over taking up space on our mat and allowing for social distancing and masks, I believe those can be taken off while prone on the floor (face down) or while sunny side up (Supine). 

Oh! You will feel better in comfortable clothes that aren't too baggy, you can get tangled up in those and hoods have a way of just getting in your way. Yes...I have made both of these mistakes. Multiple times!



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