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Gingers and Tropicals

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You may still purchase plants at MarketPlace this Saturday from 9am-noon. We will also have a selection of plants 60% OFF!

Pickup Saturday, August 5th from 9AM - Noon at MarketPlace (located at the end of our parking lot).

We will have additional plants for sale on the 5th and also a special workshop with THE ginger expert, Tim Chapman. REGISTER HERE

In the Mobile area, gingers thrive in our heat and humidity, but are best planted in shady to partly shady areas—avoid long afternoon sun which will scorch the leaves.

Give them moist, but well-drained soil that has been prepared with organically rich compost.  Water them in droughts. The rhizomes (underground roots or stems) will spread over time, so give them plenty of room.

Most gingers will go dormant in the winter, and the foliage on others will die down in frosts, but are all generally root hardy in this area. Trim the dead leaves down to near ground level—leaving some stem or marker so you know where you planted them!  A deep winter mulch will protect the rhizomes, and will help renew the soil nutrients.

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